Contact Planning for the ANYmal Quadruped Robot Using an Acyclic Reachability-Based Planner


Despite the great progress in quadrupedal robotics during the last decade, selecting good contacts (footholds) in highly uneven and cluttered environments still remains an open challenge. This paper builds upon a state-of-the-art approach, already successfully used for humanoid robots, and applies it to our robotic platform; the quadruped robot ANYmal. The proposed algorithm decouples the problem into two subproblems: first a guide trajectory for the robot is generated, then contacts are created along this trajectory. Both subproblems rely on approximations and heuristics that need to be tuned. The main contribution of this work is to explain how this algorithm has been retuned to work with ANYmal and to show the relevance of the approach with a variety of tests in realistic dynamic simulations.

2019 Towards Autonomous Robotic Systems